Stunning Aerial Footage Captures School of Fish Swimming in the Shape of a Perfect Heart

Stunning aerial footage has captured a school of fish moving through the sea in the shape of a perfect love heart.

The group of Crevalle Jack reflect the sunshine as they move together in a Cupid shape before morphing into a swirling ring.

The clip is reminiscent of the moonfish in Pixar’s Finding Nemo that make a series of swirling, ethereal shapes to talk with Marvin the clownfish.

Local restaurant owner, 47-year-old Paul Dabill spotted the fish while flying his DJI Mavic Air 2 drone just off Juno Beach in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Paul said, “I was looking for mullet, this time of year is the fall mullet migration.

“There were no mullet at the beach this day, however I found the school of Jack Crevalles instead.

“I immediately recognized the heart shape of the school when I first saw it.

“It maintained that shape for several seconds before morphing into other shapes.